Stephanie Lucarelli is the proud mother of four children that are currently attending three different Collier County Public Schools. With her youngest in first grade and her oldest in High School, she has an interest in ensuring that Collier County Public Schools provide a quality education for school children of all ages. With over 20 years of professional experience working with the public, particularly in the area of education, Mrs. Lucarelli is seeking to put her knowledge to work to represent the best interests of the children, teachers, and parents, that are currently, and prospectively, utilizing the Collier County Public School System. 

As the oldest of three siblings, Stephanie grew up in Middletown, New Jersey. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Resource Management and a teaching certificate from Rutgers University. While attending Rutgers University she was voted the Vice President of her graduating class. Additionally, she maintained a position as a Resident Assistant and worked in the Residence Life Office. Her summers were spent alternating between working as a Teambuilding Leader for the Monmouth County Park System, and working as a Backcountry Ranger for the National Park Service. Upon graduation, she continued working as a Ranger for the National Park service, and spent her off seasons working as a substitute teacher in New Jersey. 

In 1998, Mrs. Lucarelli started her career as a teacher in Fair Haven, New Jersey. She taught 7th and 8th grade science, and in addition, worked with the local high school to examine and update the curriculum for elementary and middle school students. 

In 2002 Mrs. Lucarelli relocated to Naples, Florida. In 2004, she became involved in the Collier County Public School System by volunteering as a member of the Head Start Policy Council and as a member of the Naples Park Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. In 2007, Mrs. Lucarelli had the pleasure of serving as a Parent Committee Member of the Collier County Public School District Accreditation Team. Stephanie Lucarelli has since served as the Vice President of the Naples Park Parent Teacher Organization, where she has chaired several events for the benefit of the students and teachers at Naples Park elementary school. 

Mrs. Lucarelli does everything she can to keep informed on the issues surrounding the quality of education in the Collier County School System. In 2013, Stephanie was requested to fill two long-term maternity leave positions. Upon completion, Stephanie has continued to work as a substitute teacher for various Collier County Schools.

Mrs. Lucarelli is a firm believer in the public school system, and can confidently attest that Collier County teachers are some of the most phenomenal, dedicated, and high quality educators she has had the pleasure of working with. It is her desire that the Collier County Public School System flourish. Mrs. Lucarelli seeks to ensure that the district properly supports and encourages their amazing educators, and hopes to see more autonomy given to them regarding how they use the resources provided to them from the District. 

Mrs. Lucarelli believes that in order for the district to maintain the standard that she and all parents should demand, the District must place an emphasis on the depth of learning that takes place in the classroom, as opposed to testing and test preparation. She wishes to become an advocate on the School Board for the position that Collier County Pubic Schools must depart from the notion that every new idea, curriculum, and program be indoctrinated without proper thought, evaluation, and teacher input. 

Stephanie has an obvious vested interest in the education system in Collier County. She wishes to use her time, knowledge, and perspective to bring trust and respect back to the School Board by making decisions based on analysis, the balancing of needs and concerns, and the ability to see the long-term implications of said decisions. Stephanie also intends to foster a stronger relationship with the community based on trust, with no hidden agenda. The School District is a business for sure, but the children need to be its greatest priority. 

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