"School Board members must be dedicated to the education of all students.  They must unmistakably believe in the value of public education, and demonstrate respect for diverse points of view.   Board members should also be fiscally responsible to balance the needs of our diverse community."



The students of Collier County deserve an exceptional education.  All children, regardless of their career path or goals they set for themselves post-high school, deserve to be educated in an environment that fosters a love of learning, not a stressful, test-centered one. 


Our teachers are our greatest assest.  We have some outstanding educators.  We want to keep those teachers as well as continue to hire the best teachers.  To do this we need to offer respect, support, the appropriate time to do what they need to do to properly educate our children, and allow them the opportunity to have a role in choosing the resources that will supplement their curriculum.  Our teachers need to be trusted to make the best decisions regarding their students, as well as given more autonomy over their classrooms.  


We can all agree that our students are over-tested.   The School Board Plays a role in District testing, but as of right now does not have control over State and Federal testing.  I am in favor of reducing the amount of District tests, and would put pressure on our legislature to also minimize the standardized tests our children take.


With a budget over $800 million, Collier County School Board members have a responsibility to make good business decisions for the community as a whole, but all while keeping the students best interestes as the top priority.  I want to be sure that the funds are disbursed to the areas of greatest need, and that we begin to replenish the programs that were cut during the recession.  

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Stephanie Lucarelli for Collier County School Board, District 2